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Our colonial troops in Africa
Our colonial troops in Africa
Our colonial troops in Africa
German Army:
Colonial troops.

“Our colonial troops in Africa”.

(fr. l. horseman from South-West Africa, officer from East Africa, Sudanese, officer and sergeant...
Entry of troops into Berlin
French troops crossing the Rhine
Russian Cossacks attack French troops in transit
Exhausted Troops Retreating / Battle of the Somme
Surprise release of Tzarist troops in 1917
Wuerttemberg troops in the battle of Woerth.
Troops Resting
The Hessian Elector offers England his troops
Von Lettow-Vorbeck leading his troops.
Queen Elizabeth I of England reviews her troops
“Federal troops landing opposite Cairo, Ill. (…) "
National guard troops retreat
Review of the Troops Headed for Montevideo, at Praia Grande
Marching Troops with Shields
Recruitment of Troops
Recruitment of Troops
German troops enter Paris
Marching Troops with Shields
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