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vignette patriotique en l'honneur du 97° Régiment Territorial d'Infanterie
Patriotic vignettes, treasure of the First World War
With the First World War, the relationship to the “postal image” changed quite decidedly:

“Patriotic vignettes” are proliferating, but without any franking; they offer an aesthetic that puts them near posters and postcards; thus, they compensate for the relative graphical poverty of the postage stamp.

These patriotic vignettes, issued by the regiments in support of the war effort and to improve the routine situation of the soldier, were destined to be glued directly to the letters, envelopes or postcards, which made them becoming rarer and rarer.

The Dupondt Collection has put together a unique collection of 200 French patriotic vignettes for the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
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