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View of Victory Column During Sunset, Berlin / Photo,1990
Berlin, Germany.
Siegessäule (Victory Column), 1864–73, designed by J. H. Strack, originally erected on Siegesallee and moved to Grosser Stern in 1939.

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Emperor William I thanks count Bismarck at the unvailing of
Brandenburger Tor mit Siegessäule
1873 Berlin Victory Column
2 September 2023 - 150th anniversary

The Victory Column, the national monument of the Wars of Unification, was inaugurated on the 3rd anniversary of the Battle of Sedan, 2 September 1873 in Berlin.

On this day the German troops had won the decisive victory over France during the Franco-Prussian War near the French town of Sedan, during which Emperor Napoleon III was captured.
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