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Libération, Paris 1944 / Newspaper
World War II / France.
Liberation (“Libération”) after the Allied invasion of Normandy (6.6.1944) – Newspapers and posters: “Libération”.–
1944 - The Liberation of Paris
25. August 2019 - 75. anniversary

After the Normandy landings of June 1944, Allied troops progressed eastwards towards Berlin hoping to capture the German capital and end the war. At the same time, the French Resistance, under the command of Henri Rol-Tanguy and Jacques Chaban-Delmas, staged an insurrection in Paris, erecting barricades, organising ambushes and fighting the Nazi occupiers directly.

By 23 August 1944, nearly a third of the city was under the control of insurgents. Two days later, the Nazis surrendered.

The French photographer Jules Dortes captured this tumultuous period in a series of astonishing photographs which were published one year later, alongside the work of several of his contemporaries, in a volume commonly held to be the greatest book on the liberation of Paris, "La délivrance de PARIS 19-26 août 1944 d'après les photos de J. Dortes".

akg-images is proud to represent Jules Dortes and we present a selection of his unique images as we mark the 75th anniversary of those historic weeks in 1944.
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