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A GI and a Polish worker / WWII / 1945
History / World War II / Enforced labour
– “A GI being kissed by a newly-liberated Polish factory worker [in Kalbe, Saxony-Anhalt]".

Photo, undated (April 1945?)....
Battle of Hürtgen Forest
1945 - Tony Vaccaro
Tony Vaccaro was born on 20 December 1922 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the son of Italian immigrants to the US. During World War II he was a member of the 83rd infantry division of the US army, part of the liberating forces of the allied troops. He not only carried his rifle but also a camera and he took more than 7,000 photographs during his time in Germany. His photographs have an immediacy to them which is unsurpassed and show the horrors of war and destruction. After the war he stayed in Germany and carried on working as a photographer, documenting the beginning of Germany's recovery.

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